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Solfege Practice Test Q1-10 (Movable Do)
Designed for introductory fifth grade boys choir. The same Do (middle C) is given for each question. A second note is played and sung. The student should determine the identity of the second note by singing and stating its solfege tone. [Q1 0:00, Q2 0:23, Q3 0:46, Q4 1:10, Q5 1:32, Q6 1:55, Q7 2:18, Q8 2:40, Q9 3:03, Q10 3:24]

Aural Assessment Grading Rubric - coming soon

Aural Dictation Template - coming soon

Aural Dictation Assessment Grading Rubric - coming soon

Great External Sites Online Aural Training designed for ABRSM and Trinity exams. Free sampler, paid monthly subscription.

Choir Director/Teacher Resources

Boys Vocal Placement Chart Treble, Cambiata 1, Cambiata 2 & Baritone ranges written with space to add boys in your choir

Class music survey 102 (designed for 5th & 6th grade, but could be used for 7th & 8th and up)