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Posted on August 28, 2011 at 5:55 PM

August 25

Having read Thomas Regelski's Teaching General Music in Grades 4-8 over the summer, my desire to put my students in control of as much of what they learn as possible was reaffirmed. I thought I would start the year with a survey, asking my sixth grade class about their musical experiences. Having received the results of the original survey, I decided to update it to include more aspirational questions, as I felt the initial questions looked back rather than forward (the new survey is avilable on the Assignments & Handouts page). Nonetheless, the results were interesting. The genres of music are overwhelmingly pop (I include rock, hiphop, pop etc instead of classical or jazz), most students enjoy singing and almost all enjoy playing (a range of) instruments. This range was largely due to the fifth grade instrument program in place at my school. Also, the students listen to music on their iPods, iPads, computers and various websites, as well as the more "traditional" formats of radio and CDs! A little surprising to me - in a good way - was the number of live (pop) performances the students had attended at local venues. The full results for the first survey are available on the Assignments & Handouts page.

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